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APh ePower Hits its Stride in the New Energy Fields

APh ePower is the first startup company to provide services combining international renewable energy transactions, carbon credit transactions, and safe quick-charging/discharging aluminum batteries. Under the global trend of ESG and net zero emission, APh ePower has been actively setting strategic layouts in the new energy fields, completing I-REC (International Renewable Energy Certificate) transactions to offset carbon emission generated by purchased energy (GHG inventory category 2), supporting enterprises to achieve the goals of net zero emission, RE100, and establishing a green supply chain.

Sean Su, Development Director of APh ePower, indicated that the requirements for the global supply chain have become stricter day after day. If enterprises don’t “go green,” they may encounter operation obstacles and bear the risks of rising carbon emission costs. In particular, requirements from CBAM 2.0 is also becoming tougher. The EU plans to impose carbon tariffs on high-carbon emission products of specific industries, which is estimated to be implemented in 2027, and the free quota will be canceled by 2032. Enterprises must be prepared before losing all their industrial competitiveness.

Therefore, successfully applying renewable energy or purchasing renewable energy certificates from electricity generated in the regional power grid, to increase the green energy ratio, has gradually become a key ability of enterprises. International renewable energy certificates are now recognized by many nations and major business supply chains such as Google, Apple, and others. Depending on the power grid region, participating nation, and the management agencies, it can be divided into US RECs, EU Gos, I-REC, and TIGR, which are all internationally recognized, whereas the Taiwanese T-REC and Australia apply domestic certification systems. Nevertheless, the applications and mechanisms are the same, and each renewable energy certificate consists of 1MWh as the unit.

As most Taiwanese enterprises are facing urgent sustainability demands from their supply chain, other than expanding the green energy ratio, another solution is to search for I-RECs from the energy generated by the regional electric grid of the business site. Apart from the development of safe and eco-friendly aluminum battery technology and energy storage, APh ePower also has developed green energy services in Taiwan, I-REC transactions, and carbon credit services, offering professional and comprehensive energy solutions, thus making it the best partner for Taiwanese enterprises to achieve the goals of establishing a green supply chain, RE100, and carbon neutrality.


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