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Partnership System Builds Future Leaders

Talents are important assets of APh ePower. We value personal characteristics and talents, encourage team members to challenge and develop their potential, and establish a learning organization with open communication and team cooperation.

APh ePower aims to establish a relationship with each team member using a unique partnership system. Hierarchy is broken down into a flat organization to cultivate future leaders, provide diversified development opportunities, and establish an innovative and unique corporate culture.

We Value Talent Training and Career Development

In a working atmosphere of open communication and teamwork, we utilize the expertise and potential of each team member, by planning career growth maps, developing training activities and learning resources, evaluating their competency gaps, providing customized training courses for groups or individuals, and encouraging members to obtain relevant competency certificates.

Starting from Taiwan with a global business strategy, APh ePower hopes to bring outstanding professionals and technical strength to the international stage. You are welcomed, if you are willing to embrace change and positive learning.

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