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The research and development of aluminum battery technology has significantly influenced the global energy storage and renewable energy industries. Its advantages allow for unparalleled application values, and collaboration through strategic partnership will result in even more commercial applications.

Uninterrupted Power
  • Weather resistance

  • Stable performance

  • Safety guaranteed

Polar Region UPS
Energy Storage System
  • Longevity

  • Fast frequency response

  • High-power output

Energy Storage System
Power Stacker
  • Factory, warehouse and transportation processes.

  • Safer and more efficient

  • Smart manufacturing

AGV and Power Stacker
Electric Vehicles and  Carriers
  • "Fast-charging Living Sphere"

  • safe and time-saving 

  • Innovative business model and intellectual data.

Electric  Vehicles and Carriers

UPS in extreme environments

Uninterrupted Supply of Electrical Power in Extreme Environments!
How does your battery perform under extreme temperature conditions?

The aluminum battery cell uses non-organic solvent-based electrolyte, which is able to maintain its performance even in environments with extreme high or low temperatures, ensuring the normal storage and usage of the stored power. Battery with long-service life is ideal for use in areas without convenient transportation methods or inadequate infrastructures, as it reduces the costs of building and replacing energy storage facilities, provides safe and stable energy storage quality, and opens up many new application possibilities for energy storage and usage.

Energy  Storage System
Regional Power Grid

What Is the Solution to Storage of Renewable Energy?
Aluminum battery is the crucial component for development of safe and fast-charging renewable energy.

To address the issues of power supply shortage and promote the sustainable development of energy, countries around the world are investing in the development of renewable energy like solar and wind power. However, the dynamic nature of the natural resources means that every units of electricity generated must be stored with rapid energy storage system to enhance the power grid’s capacity for power coordination.

The frequent accidents of the world’s large energy storage systems further illustrate the importance of safe battery technology as the key component in the development of renewable energy. Aluminum battery can usher in new opportunities for renewable energy, protects the safety and quality of power storage, and has a bright future in the field of energy storage.

AGV and Power Stacker

Smart Industrialization Requires a Rapid-Supplying Power Source!
Is there a solution for safe and fast-charging power supply?

Under the rapid development of smart industry and internet of things, industries are increasingly relying on automated guidance vehicles and electrical stackers to assist in the manufacturing, warehousing and transportation processes. The key to increasing the efficiency of smart manufacturing lies in the core of electrical power supply – the battery. enterprises may suffer significant damage to its production capacity if the batteries used in these automated technologies are prone to combustion and explosion under rigorous, unstable environmental conditions such as high temperature and over-charging of the battery cells. Therefore, it is essential for enterprises to select a safe and convenient power supply solution to achieve full automation in the factory.

Electric  Vehicles and Carriers

Is the Era of Electrical Vehicle Truly Upon Us?
Aluminum battery eliminates mileage anxiety for drivers and provides absolute guarantee of safe usage!

As the installation of charging stands for electric vehicles become prevalent, aluminum battery is the perfect solution for electric vehicles (EV) and a viable choice for consumers with its safe and fast-charging characteristics. People can enjoy shopping and dining without worrying about power levels in their EVs, knowing that the vehicles will be charged and ready to roll in a few minutes. Moreover, the technology can facilitate the creation of a “Fast-charging Living Sphere”, in which EV data and consumer behaviors can be integrated with the charging stations and mobile devices, creating a commercial ecosystem that benefits multiple disciplines.

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