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Green Elevator

Efficient Utilization of Elevator Heat Dissapation

According to 2021 statistics from the Taiwan Power Company, elevators (including escalators) used by commercial entities consume about 4% to 6% of a building's total electricity, placing them among the top three energy-consuming equipment. Maximizing energy recovery in elevator systems is essential, and energy storage batteries—especially aluminum batteries—play a crucial role in this endeavor.

Leveraging Unique Aluminum Battery Technology for 40% Energy Savings!

Systems equipped with APh ePower aluminum batteries and Energy Management Systems (EMS) optimize Energy energy utilization and dispatch, offering over 40% energy recovery potential through collaboration between academic research and industry technology. These batteries can power elevator motors and cabin interior systems, even serving as emergency backup power.

Sustainable Materials 
Suitable for environments with extremely high and low temperature
Effective Carbon Reduction
Provides Emergency UPS Power
Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction | Safety Assurance | Carbon Credit Development

Elevator energy storage systems equipped with aluminum batteries can effectively reduce energy consumption by up to 40%. The carbon reduction performance of each elevator operation can be quantified based on energy consumption data. It's estimated that each elevator in a commercial office building can mitigate 5 to 10 tons of carbon emissions annually, contributing immensely to energy efficiency. Furthermore, aluminum batteries are weather-resistant and pose no risk of fire, combustion, or explosion, ensuring the safety of electrical devices.

Energy-Efficient Elevators Bring New Carbon Credits Opportunity! 

APh ePower not only excels in the key materials and cell technology of aluminum batteries, but also invests in elevator carbon credit development. We’ve acquired domestic and international patents for technology gathering power consumption data via Energy Management System (EMS), calculating carbon reduction benefits, to foster more carbon credit business opportunities!


The APh ePower energy management system provides remote monitoring of power consumption data, enabling real-time issue resolution. APh ePower pioneers elevator carbon credit methodology research globally and offers diverse energy service solutions. Join us in crafting green, carbon-reducing elevators and contributing to Taiwan's sustainable development and environmental protection.

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