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Green Energy Services

Are you GREEN enough for the global energy transformation trend?

Renewable energy and ESG sustainable developments have been becoming the global trends unstoppably. Facing the energy options and the "carbon" pressure, how to purchase green energy and assess the prices? How to fulfill the requirements of the terms for energy-heavy industries and the demands for a green supply chain? How to obtain the carbon credits to offset the carbon footprint? What is the difference between the two options? APh ePower is ready to tailor the green energy solution that suits all your needs, helping enterprises to achieve the vision of sustainability. 


Who is required to purchase green energy?

Fulfilment of the Terms for Energy-heavy Industries

Energy-heavy industries are defined as enterprises with “contract capacity over 5,000kW.” The regulation in Taiwan require building 10% of renewable energy by 2025 or alternative solutions, including self-building the energy storage systems, purchasing green energy with certificates, etc. APh ePower will support enterprises to fulfill the terms for energy-heavy industries, achieving compliance with the policy regulations. 

Reach the Goal of RE100

Globally renowned brands have been joining RE100 one after another, which required their supply chains to use 100% of renewable energy. TSMC, Foxconn, ASE Technology Holding, and other enterprises have all declared to join the cause, and APh ePower will assist enterprises toward the RE100 goal. 

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Carbon Neutrality 

The key pathway of carbon reduction is to change grey energy to green energy. APh ePower will assist enterprises to use green energy and progress toward the goal of carbon neutrality. 

Sustainable Development of ESG

To be in line with the international net-zero goal, energy transformation is the only way to create sustainable competitiveness, enhancing enterprises’ sustainability assessment results and ensuring the positive effects of ESG(Environment, Social, Governance). 

Green Energy Service Solution
Energy Consulting

APh ePower offers a one-to-one consultancy service to understand the enterprise’s needs and goals for energy, integrating the plans for energy storage, energy saving, etc., tailoring the best green energy solution that meets all demands, and assisting enterprises to achieve sustainable development.

Green Energy Services and Certificates

We can match enterprises with the most optimal renewable energy sites, and support the establishment of power purchase agreements, assisting enterprises to obtain green energy and certificates to progress energy transition.

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Assisting Renewable Energy Sites in Type III to Type I Conversion

The type III renewable energy generators must convert into type I generators before the power can be transferred to general power consumers. APh ePower can assist the enterprises to complete the type III to type I conversion, jointly prospering the development of the green energy market.

Green Energy Transferring Procedure 

APh ePower is at your service for energy solutions! Please contact us via 
07-6955788#204 or email to

APh ePower has started using green energy in 2021 and will achieve RE100 by 2050

“Environmental protection” is one of the core values of APh ePower. Our commitment is to develop products and services that have the least impact on the environment. In 2021, APh ePower has started using green energy, initiating the action for sustainability, and aiming to achieve RE100 before 2050. We shall enhance the influence of the green economy and manifest business sustainability. 

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