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About APh ePower

First Company to Commercialize Aluminum-ion Batteries

APh ePower was founded in 2018. We are the first start-up company to commercialize aluminum-ion batteries with investment in materials preparation, production, and research and development, and we have established world-leading technical capabilities.

That same year, we received investment from companies such as scooter manufacturer Sanyang Motor and began to establish advanced facilities in Hsinchu and Shalun.

The First-Generation Plant in Luzhu Science Park – A Move towards Mass Production

In August 2019, APh ePower moved into a standard factory building in Luzhu Science Park and established the world’s first trial mass production line for aluminum-ion batteries. The goal now is to complete rapid proofing, costing, and performance verification.

We expecte that in 2021 commercial aluminum-ion battery products will be completed, a number of advanced energy storage material technologies will be developed, and cooperation on projects with downstream application partners in the battery industry will begin. Meanwhile, construction of a second-generation plant has been launched to achieve a greater mass production capacity for aluminum-ion batteries.

Establishing a Highly Trusted Corporate Example

APh ePower has clearly set the company’s core values as well as its development principles and strategies to ensure consistent values for everyone involved. In addition, we continue to self-examine, shape a unique culture, and establish trusting relationships between colleagues, customers, investors, supply chain partners, and wider society.



Our two core strategies of being knowledge-intensive and distinctive are used in addition to our own knowledge and intelligence systems to determine the company’s best position and strategy in the value chain, as well as the core abilities of research and development of key materials. From product design to organizational management, we strive to differentiate and create unique business models and values.

Achieving Sustainable Management and Giving Back to Society

Adhering to the environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) philosophy of sustainability, batteries and materials with low environmental pollution are developed. In terms of governance, internal audit and control systems within the nine major cycles, 5S management, knowledge management, information security management, and risk and crisis management-related emergency response centers have been established.

Meanwhile, social management and givebacks have been implemented, such as workplace welfare, media relations, community contributions, and promotion of environmentally friendly thinking and services. In the future, the second-generation plant for mass production will be built and we’ll develop our turnkey solution globally, gradually realizing ESG goals.

Establishing a Sound Organizational Structure for a Professional Team

The members of the operating team come from diverse professional fields, including materials, chemistry, and management backgrounds, and have rich management capabilities in multinational cooperation, as well as experiences in assisting startup operations and industry promotion. We look forward to gathering resources and talents to start the “APh ePower Journey” and create new opportunities in the global energy storage market!

Sean Su


Corp. Development

Joe Chen

Managing Director

Gabriel Wu

Deputy Managing Director

Operation Director

Michelle Lo

Administration Director

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