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Green Impact Projects

Are You Ready for Global Trends of Net Zero and Sustainability?

With the issue of climate change given high priority internationally, governments all over the world are announcing net-zero emission commitments and formulating policies as well as laws related to energy transition and greenhouse gas reduction. Most businesses rely on shifts to energy-saving equipment and use renewable energy as their primary method of carbon reduction. Still, renewable energy is characterized by intermittent power generation, which needs to be complemented with energy storage systems for power dispatch. In addition, economic activities inevitably generate carbon emissions that cannot be removed, so investing in carbon rights projects for green investments is a competitive advantage for companies.

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Which Businesses Need Green Impact?

Green Impact Service Projects
Carbon Credit Reserves and Offsetting / Disclosure

Green Impact Projects: We provide customized forest and non-forest carbon credit portfolios. Our carbon credit projects are evaluated and vetted by expert teams so companies can participate in climate action without complications and contribute towards a sustainable future!

Holistic Carbon Rights Management: We save costs for additional carbon reserve accounts, provide consultation on offsetting strategies & methods, and conduct offsetting declarations & information disclosures. We do all this with contracts and certificates to protect company rights and interests, which enables them to invest in climate action with safe sources, assured declarations, and happy results!

Carbon Credit Project Development and Consultation

APh ePower has mastered a variety of carbon rights methodologies. In addition to evaluating carbon credit projects for green portfolios, we offer partnerships to develop carbon credit projects with us!

※ APh ePower does not encourage companies to use carbon offsets only. They should also use renewable energy, energy saving, and carbon reduction actions. Since carbon reduction resources are limited and climate funds are one of the most critical paths to net zero, appropriate green investments by companies would meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Still, they can gradually achieve "negative carbon" and meaningfully contribute to the planet's sustainability.

Reserve and Offset Declaration and Disclosure Process
Purchase and Reserve Stage: The company acquires a carbon credit reserve for later carbon offset declarations. The steps are as follows:
Declaration and Information Disclosure Stage: Make carbon offset declarations, provide proof of declaration, and disclose publicly available information in Green Impact Business. See the process below:
Green Impact Project Information (Continuously Under Expansion/Development)

Nature-Based Solutions

APh ePower possesses multiple forest carbon offset projects that have been reviewed and evaluated by experts. These projects focus on environmental benefits and high-quality project types such as reforestation and forest restoration. They contribute substantial benefits to climate action, creating a win-win situation for the Earth, local communities, and partners.


Technology-Based Solutions

Technology-Based Solutions includes sources such as renewable energy and industrial emissions reduction. Recently, the development of carbon capture and hydrogen energy technologies also falls within this category. The non-forest carbon offset projects owned by APh ePower have undergone expert evaluation for their climate mitigation benefits. They are also recognized and utilized by several large international corporations, ensuring the quality of projects for partners.

Please email us to so that we can make an impact on climate action together!

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