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Aluminum-ion Battery Technology Shines Internationally, A New Dawn for Energy Storage Applications
Winning the 2020 Innoaward, 2nd Green Chemistry Application and Innovation Awards

After completing the technology transfer and patent authorization to the Industrial Technology Research Institute, APh ePower continues to invest in materials preparation, research, and development, focusing on the development of special chemistry and key technologies. We have achieved significant breakthroughs that greatly improve battery performance, such as increased energy density and mastering the mass-production process.

Innovative Materials Leading the Battery Revolution

The structure of an aluminum-ion battery is similar to that of a lithium-ion battery, including anode, cathode, separator, and electrolyte. However, the key materials and formulas are different, creating different electrochemical reactions. They can replace traditional high-polluting lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries that have safety concerns, establish environmentally friendly sustainable recycling usage, and provide innovative and outstanding solutions for the energy storage industry.

APh ePower makes actual measurements of various types of batteries at different charge and discharge rates and temperatures. From the data in the table below, it can be seen that aluminum-ion batteries have fast charge and discharge capabilities of over 4C, as well as a large range of operating temperatures and good weather resistance.

Fast Charging / Discharging


(15mins - 30secs)

Long Life Cycle

1,500 (Single Cell)

Wide Working Temperature





Recyclable Free from Contamination

Source: APh ePower’s actual testing and battery specifications of various brands.

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