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REC leads the way to RE100!

The International Renewable Energy Certificate (I-REC) is a tradeable certificate with credibility. If a company has expanded internationally and requires carbon reduction, to satisfy all sustainable energy policies, local energy certificates must be purchased to declare the usage of green energy. I-REC is recognized by PAS2060, Dow Jones Sustainability Index and Global Reporting Initiatives, etc.

Green Energy Service
Energy Consultancy Service

APh ePower provides professional services with a dedicated consultancy team for each client. The team will acknowledge the enterprise’s energy needs and carbon reduction goals, customize the optimal green energy solution, and assist the enterprise to pave the path to sustainable development.

Matching I-REC Needs

Depending on the locations of the company facilities, we will assist with local I-REC matching and contract signing to support the enterprises in obtaining international certificates.

Service Process 

APh ePower, the expert in green energy will support you.
Please contact  07-6955788 #204 or email to

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