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Innovative Applications

Commercial Aluminum Battery Heralds a New Era for the Application Market 

In the rush for Net Zero goals, energy storage components characterized by their safety, environmental friendliness, and superb cycle life stand as pivotal elements in the low-carbon transition of enterprises. Aluminum batteries stand out for their rapid charging and discharging capabilities, weather resilience, and outstanding performance even in extreme temperatures. They are well-suited for the following target markets, offering solutions to industrial challenges while ensuring safety and sustainability. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with you to create distinctive application value.

Green Elevator

Creating New Energy-Saving Technologies

The elevator energy storage system equipped with aluminum batteries can effectively store the energy used to be dissipated by the elevator, converting it into electricity. Coupled with the energy management system developed by APh ePower, the application optimizes elevator dispatch efficiency and electricity consumption behavior, not only creating carbon credit business opportunities, but also serving as an uninterruptible power supply system, presenting an innovative breakthrough meeting energy conservation, safety, and green demands.

Hybrid Technology

Eliminating Range Anxiety and Ensuring Safety

Aluminum battery hybrid technology facilitates dual power sources, addressing the range anxiety associated with electric vehicles. The battery’s distinctive advantage in fast charging, coupled with stringent safety measures, enhances power recharging efficiency while substantially reducing carbon emissions by 80%. Leveraging the green feedback mechanism, the technology enables a new era of green mobility, fostering collaboration among car manufacturers, merchants, and consumers, thereby spearheading a revolutionary shift in industrial electrification.

Energy Storage System | Upstream Power Generation

Ensuring Stable Intermittent Energy and Efficient Power Dispatch

Renowned for their fast charging capabilities, safety features, and extended cycle life, Aluminum batteries can enhance operational efficiency and quality management in solar and wind power generation as well as energy storage systems. Equipped with aluminum batteries, large-scale energy storage units shall sustain stable intermittent renewable energy output and smooth power delivery, while furthermore offering efficient power dispatch, resulting in both economic and energy-saving advantages.

Energy Storage System | Midstream Electricity Transmission and Distribution

Ensuring Reliable and Uninterrupted Power Supply

Aluminum batteries, renowned for their rapid charge and discharge capabilities, are the prime choice for energy storage solutions to reinforce grid stability. They can serve as dependable backups during power outages while enhancing power grid stability through regional grid dispatch supports. This guarantees an uninterrupted and stable power supply, facilitating seamless power flow as energy utilization is enhanced. 

Energy Storage System | Downstream Electricity Consumption

Creating ESG Value through Smart Power Choices

Aluminum battery energy storage equipment, with its fast charging and discharging capabilities and high safety, empowers enterprises to efficiently apply green electricity during peak consumption periods, reducing reliance on conventional power sources. This generates energy-saving benefits and offers more ESG value. Moreover, it supports enterprises in reaching the RE100 goal, contributing to a sustainable future.

Uninterruptible Power Supply System

Reliable Power Can Always Come to Rescue

The combination of aluminum batteries with uninterruptible power supply systems ensures excellent safety features, eliminating risks of combustion, fires, or explosions, thereby guaranteeing the stability of backup power and equipment operations. Their weather-resistant properties also prolong the efficiency of uninterruptible power supply systems, offering efficient, energy-saving, safe, and dependable solutions for workplaces and daily life.

Automated Guided Vehicles

Skyrocketing Automation Efficiency

The rapid charging capabilities of aluminum batteries significantly reduce charging times for transport vehicles, leading to minimized deployment and lower investment costs. Such optimization also enhances space utilization and improves overall site coordination and operational efficiency. With aluminum batteries that are free from combustion or explosion, risks from vehicle operation or charging are eliminated,  securing the cornerstone of automated manufacturing.

Smart Mobile Applications

Unrestricted Mobility with Wireless and Fast Charging Technology

Combining the fast charging advantages of aluminum batteries with wireless technology, the current technical challenges in wireless charging energy loss can be overcome, ensuring better charging efficiency while maintaining safety standards. Aluminum batteries can prevent overheating, overcharging, and short circuits, which stabilizes product performance and lifespan.

Such technology is not limited to laptops and smartphones, and can extend to home appliances, offering better experiences and creating future business opportunities for next-gen terminal applications.

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