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To ensure your rights are protected, please read through the following terms of services of APh ePower Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to us “our company” or “us”) website (hereinafter referred to as “this website”). By browsing or using this website or continue browsing and using this website after the contents have been modified, you will be regarded as having read, understood and agreed to accept the terms of our website services.



Legal obligation and commitment of user


User agrees to not use this website for any illegal purposes or access this website through illegal methods, and also commit to adhere to any relevant legislatures and laws of the Republic of China and international customs related to the usage of World Wide Web. If the user is not from the Republic of China, he/she will agree to adhere to the local laws of the country or region. User agrees and guarantees that this website will not be used for infringing upon the rights of others or any illegal behaviors, which include but not limited to:

  1. Publish or transmit texts, graphics or documents of any file format that violate the public policy or morals;

  2. Infringe upon or damage the reputation, privacy rights, confidential business information, trademark rights, copyrights, patents, intellectual property rights or other rights of this website or others.

  3. Violate sthe obligation for confidentiality as bound by law or contractual agreement;

  4. Impersonation of the identity of others to use this website, or provision of erroneous or false information;

  5. Transmitting or disseminating computer viruses;

  6. Any behaviors that fall outside of the scope of purposes of using this website, or any inappropriate behaviors considered by this website with legitimate reasons.

If a third party has sustained damage as a result of the aforementioned actions of user, then the user will be held responsible for the compensation duties; if our company has sustained damage via the actions of the user, then the user will be liable for damage compensation to our company (including but not limited to charges related to litigation or lawyer’s fees).

Changes to terms of service and the dissemination of e-newsletters and EDMs

  1. User agrees the service items or content provided by this website may be modified, changed or terminated by our company as needed to reflect needs of business affairs and actual situation, and that the changes will be made without individual notice.

  2. User agrees that related activities may be modified, revised or terminated by our company to reflect the actual results of implementation, and said changes will be announced to the users in the most appropriate method.

  3. User agrees to receive irregular electronic newsletters or product information (EDM) sent from us to the user’s registered e-mail address. If the user does not agree to receive further marketing information from us, we will terminate the transmission of subsequent marketing information.

Service termination or interruption

We strive to maintain the normal operation of our website systems and services with appropriate technology and methods; however, in the event of any of the following scenarios, we reserve the right to terminate or interrupt partial or all of the services of this website, and is not obliged to send prior notices. We are also not responsible for any compensations or recompenses of any direct or indirect damage caused by any of the following scenarios:

  1. When the electronic communication equipment of the website is undergoing necessary maintenance or servicing;

  2. When a sudden malfunction of the electronic communication equipment has occurred;

  3. The electronic communication services subscribed by the website has been terminated and service could not be provided;

  4. The website is unable to provide services due to factors like natural disasters or force majeure not attributed to our company;

  5. User(s) have violated the terms of service of this website or related legislatures and as the result the services are interrupted or terminated for such user(s);

  6. Other situations deemed necessary by us to interrupt or terminate services.

Limitation and exclusion of liability

  1. All functions provided by this website are provided to users “as is”, and is depended on current status of the said functions. This website is not liable for any expressed or implied warranty responsibilities for its performance, speed, integrity, reliability, safety and accuracy.

  2. Our company does not guarantee that the e-mails and its contents transmitted via our website, servers and domains will not contain malicious contents like computer viruses or malwares; we also do not guarantee that the transmission and storage of e-mails, files or data are accurate without errors or accidents like disconnection. Our company is not responsible for compensation of damages incurred by failures, losses, errors or computer virus infection of e-mails, files or data transmission or storage.



Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

  1. The software and programs used by this website and its contents are the intellectual properties legally owned by our company and related right holders, including but not limited to publications, trademarks, graphics, files, data, information, website structure, website layout and webpage design. The intellectual property rights include but not limited to trademark rights, patent rights, confidential business information and patented technologies; any usage, changes, remake, public broadcast, modification, dissemination, publication, open announcement, reverse engineering, decoding or disassembly without authorization is prohibited. User who intends to cite or reproduce the contents of this website is required by law to acquire prior authorization from our company or related rights holders via document or mail agreements. Respect of intellectual property rights is the sole obligation of user; any violation will results in user liable of damage compensation to our company (including but not limited to litigation charges or lawyer’s fees).

  2. Under the principle of respecting other’s intellectual property rights, user agrees to not participate in any acts that will infringe the intellectual property rights of others when using the services of this website.

  3. If the user is involved in the infringement of intellectual property rights of others, the website may suspend or all or partial services, or handle the matter accordingly by cancelling the account of the user involved.

  4. If an infringement of the intellectual property rights has been discovered, please submit the nature of infringement and contact information, along with a statement of truth and declaration of legal ownership of said intellectual property rights to business@APh , and contacts the customer service center of our website.


Applicable Laws and Court of Jurisdiction

The interpretation and application of the terms of services of this website, disputes or controversies resulting from the terms of services of this website or between the user(s) and our company over the use of services of the website, shall be dealt with in accordance with the laws of Republic of China. The court of first instance in this case will be the Taipei District Court of Taiwan; however, if the law has other mandatory provisions for the court of jurisdiction, it shall be handled in accordance with the said provisions.

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