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APh ePower’s Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Luzhu Science Park Plant: A New Milestone for Aluminum

After expanding into a standard plant in Luzhu Science Park in 2019, APh ePower has been in the continuous investment of aluminum battery materials, mastering several energy-storage technologies and developing global patents. The groundbreaking ceremony of the new construction took place on the morning of December 20 (Tue.). The construction is estimated to be completed in 2025, achieving the scale of mass production of the world's first generation of commercial aluminum batteries.

Distinguished guests were invited to the ceremony, including Wu Qingyuan, Chairman of SYM, Chun-Hui Hsieh, Chairman of CTE TECH CORPORATION, and Hsin-Chang Li, Deputy Director General of Southern Taiwan Science Park Bureau, as well as thearchitect of HW Studio and the team of Verizon Construction and Engineering. Together, the guests turned the first sod with the golden shovel. All employees of APh ePower also attended the ceremony to wish for grace and blessing in the ritual and witnessed the historical moment of aluminum batteries advancing into mass production.

Joe Chen, Chairman of APh ePower, noted that the site in Luzhu Science Park is around 3 hectares, and will be the location of the first Aph ePower factory to manufacture aluminum batteries for commercial operations, which will be a key milestone for the aluminum batteries to enter the international market. APh ePower will continue the development of aluminum battery key materials and acquire patents strategically, mastering the core technologies. The factory in Luzhu Science Park also aims to obtain the US LEED green building certification to implement APh ePower's core value of environmental protection.

Having invested NTD 3 billion in APh ePower in 2022, Sanyang Motor has been in a strategic collaboration with APh ePower since 2018. As Qingyuan Wu, Chairman of SYM, indicated at the ceremony, the battery is the key to triumph in the electric vehicle industry competition, and investments in innovative battery cell technology will boost the competitiveness of the Taiwanese e-vehicle industry. With the unique advantages of aluminum batteries, such as quick charging and discharging, safety, and eco-friendliness, Wu believed that vehicle factories will no longer need to make huge investments in the establishment of countless charging stations or the purchase of backup batteries. Green transport shall be achieved by charging with green energy, truly facilitating the vision of low-carbon and sustainability.

Since APh ePower was first founded, it has always been aspiring to establish a product value chain that causes the least burden to the environment, upholding the goal to provide better energy solutions as its purpose. Under the global trend of net zero emission, apart from the development of aluminum battery technology, APh ePower has also made progress in the fields of green energy and carbon credit transaction, supporting enterprises to gradually achieve the goal of carbon neutrality and net zero. In the future, APh ePower aims to collaborate with domestic and foreign manufacturers to generate more sustainable business opportunities for sustainability.


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