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Cooperating with Sanyang Motor, the World’s First Aluminum-ion Battery Electric Vehicle is Released

APh ePower and Sanyang Motor jointly released the world’s first aluminum-ion battery-powered electric vehicle, EF3, which is a prelude of convenient mobility in the future. Batteries are the key component of electric scooters and aluminum-ion batteries can be charged from 30% to 80% in only 6 minutes. With this excellent charging efficiency, convenient and time-saving applications can be created, which is forward-looking and will bring prosperity.

Unlike other mainstream batteries, aluminum-ion batteries have the advantages of fast charge and discharge rates, long life, and good weather resistance, thus providing absolute safety and trust. In terms of supply of material, APh ePower selects non-conflict minerals and metals and the key materials can be recycled and reused. This implements the spirit of the circular economy and is a new energy-storage technology that is truly environmentally friendly.

The many advantages of aluminum-ion batteries will create new prospects for multiple noteworthy applications. Now, you are invited to appreciate the novel features of Sanyang Motor’s 2020 EF3 aluminum-ion battery electric tricycle, and feel its unique charm.

*Photos and videos are provided by Sanyang Motor*


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