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Carbon Credit Services

Are you ready for the low-carbon revolution to create sustainable competitiveness?

Climate issues have obtained immense attention from the international community. Governments are proposing zero-emission commitments while establishing policies and regulations for energy transition and carbon emission restrictions. The “carbon reduction strength” of Taiwan is under the influence of international politics, economy, and natural environment, as well as its high reliance on commerce. In the future, renowned brands and enterprises are anticipated to raise the standards of carbon emission restriction, so it is imperative for businesses to individuals to take action at once.

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Imperative sustainable development and the unstoppable “carbon pressure”

A pressing matter – Carbon neutrality of businesses

APh ePower offers dynamic services and solutions for carbon reduction, carbon offset, and carbon neutrality. We safeguard the carbon credit quality for the enterprises, prevent international trading risks, and ensure an early deployment in the low-carbon economy, assisting enterprises to advance into sustainable development. APh ePower has numerous professional carbon-related consultants, and we welcome all inquiries via phone calls or emails.

Carbon neutrality pathway (PAS 2060)
Carbon Credit Services

APh ePower offers voluntary carbon credits with additional benefits that comply with SDGs, CORSIA, etc.

Carbon Offset Service

APh ePower can assist in the trading of carbon credit. Enterprises can save all the time and cost of creating a carbon credit account for carbon offset. This service is suitable for enterprises that have regular carbon offset needs!

Carbon Reserve Service

APh ePower can assist in the purchase of carbon credits and offer the proof of ownership. This service is suitable for enterprises that hope to use carbon credits for hedging to respond to future changes in the carbon cost! 

※ The price of the carbon credits may fluctuate due to the geopolitical development, exchange rate, carbon credit indicator, and other factors. Thus, the prices are time-sensitive. 

Carbon Credit Services procedure

APh ePower can establish the most optimal solution that meets the customers' needs.

Please contact us via 07-6955788#205 or email to

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