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History of APh ePower 

The World's First Commercialized Aluminum Battery Company

Established in 2018, APh ePower is the world's first company dedicated to the development of commercialized aluminum battery energy storage technology. With its exclusive expertise in key battery cell materials, APh ePower has acquired advanced energy storage technologies and secured multiple patents, leveraging the advantages of aluminum batteries to lock on the diverse application markets.

Diversified Energy Solutions From the Professional Team

Under the global rush for sustainability, carbon credits and renewable energy have become scarce resources essential to international competitiveness. APh ePower offers the integration of efficient, environmentally friendly, and safe aluminum battery energy storage technology that enables RE100 achievement, coupled with carbon credit asset reserves and offsets, delivering tailored optimal energy solutions for enterprises.

APh ePower's Milestones


  • Successful cases in green power transferring.

  • Secured patents in Taiwan and other nations for aluminum battery and application technology inventions.

  • Initiated the development of Taiwan’s first case of international forest carbon 


  • ​Commenced construction of APh ePower's second-generation factory, while receiving investment from Sanyang Motor, a major motorcycle manufacturer, in the same year.

  • Officially launched the ERP system.

  • Expanded the international patent strategic layout for aluminum batteries.

  • Developed renewable energy purchase and sale services, along with certification procurement services.

  • Initiated services for carbon credit development and procurement.


  • Started the second-generation factory construction plan.

  • Completed aluminum battery patent application.

  • Joined the RE10x10 Corporate Green Power Initiative.

  • Obtained the License for Selling Renewable-Energy Based Electricity.

  • Received the Business Startup Award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs.


  • Set up production at the standard factory building of Southern Taiwan Science Park in Luzhu and established APh ePower 's first-generation factory.

  • Awarded the Green Chemistry Application and Innovation Award from the then Environmental Protection Administration (current Ministry of Environment).


  • Completed the Industrial Technology Research Institute technology transfer project and successfully conducted the second round of fundraising, officially establishing the team.


  • Formally started APh ePower Co., Ltd., completing the first round of fundraising in the same year, and establishing R&D bases in Hsinchu and Shalun, Tainan.


The 2nd Green Chemistry Application and Innovation Award

Acknowledging the persistent challenges of high pollution, low recycling rates, and safety concerns plaguing the mainstream battery types, APh ePower's investment in aluminum battery design originated from a commitment to the circular economy, aiming to provide safer and more environmentally friendly products. By integrating green design concepts, selecting recyclable materials, and avoiding conflict minerals, APh ePower aspires to follow the twelve principles of green chemistry. Such mindful approaches minimize battery waste and offer the most eco-friendly battery option to the market, fulfilling APh ePower’s core value of environmental protection, a commitment validated by the awards it has proudly received.


The 20th Business Startup Award

APh ePower, since its inception, has set "knowledge intensity" and "differentiation" as its core strategy to establish its organizational structure, knowledge information system, advanced materials, and R&D technology. At the world's first commercialized aluminum battery company, our goal is to provide innovative battery solutions that can be highly trusted by customers and communities. This shall not only introduce innovative development prospects to the target market but also ensure more efficient and safer usage scenarios as well as guarantee of electricity, setting APh ePower apart from its competitors.


The 17th National Innovation Award

APh ePower’s exclusive high-efficiency fast-charging aluminum battery core technology addresses the lead-acid battery pollution issues and lithium battery safety concerns. As the world's first energy storage aluminum battery company, APh ePower's key technology offers solutions to counter the major setbacks of mainstream batteries, including slow charging and discharging speed, safety risks, and high pollution. The innovative solutions shall contribute to creating environmentally friendly application scenarios, enhancing quality of life, and generating value in remarkable industrial applications!

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