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Founder's Words


Trust is both the foundational purpose and the essential key to success for APh ePower.

In the ever-evolving tech landscape, APh ePower upholds trust as its founding purpose and the key to fulfilling its goals of triumphing in the international market. Trust shall be the cornerstone of our ambitions and the daily objectives of every APh ePower partner. Our down-to-earth approach, commitment to values, and prioritization of trust, shall be the most crucial asset of the company,  creating sustainable values to be shared with the world.


Safer, Greener, and More Sustainable Energy Storage Solutions.

Amid the global trend of energy transition and emission reduction, APh ePower addresses not only the challenge of energy supply and demand, but also the urgent need for safer, greener, and more sustainable energy storage options. Thus, while prioritizing safety and environmental protection, we are dedicated to aluminum battery technology and carbon credit value-added services. As we lead innovations in the energy industry, we will strive to facilitate a sustainable future.


Venture Elevates Vision.

As Taiwan faces labor shortages and limited natural resources, APh ePower took a bold step away from the traditional labor-intensive strategies. By embracing knowledge intensiveness and differentiation, while achieving continuous innovations, we aspire to establish an unparalleled business model with sustainable value.


Thrive Globally with Taiwan’s Brightest.


Recognizing the pivotal importance of human brilliance, APh ePower places significant emphasis on talent cultivation and education. By providing career development platforms and opportunities, we aim to guide and set a role model for young talents in the energy industry. Together with Taiwan’s youth, we aspire to showcase APh ePower's unique presence on the international stage.

Establishing a Sound Organizational Structure for a Professional Team

The members of the operating team come from diverse professional fields, including materials, chemistry, and management backgrounds, and have rich management capabilities in multinational cooperation, as well as experiences in assisting startup operations and industry promotion. We look forward to gathering resources and talents to start the “APh ePower Journey” and create new opportunities in the global energy storage market!

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