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Carbon Project Developments

Business opportunities on carbon credits awaits development!

The international carbon credit market is divided into a "mandatory market" and a "voluntary market". The mandatory market for carbon credits focuses on the "permitted carbon emission rights" designated to regulated enterprises by the government or management agencies. On the other hand, the voluntary market consists of the capital or technological investment with a "reduction effectiveness certified by third parties." For instance, Taiwan is a voluntary market, where companies can apply for offset projects to the Environmental Protection Administration or obtain voluntary carbon credits via international carbon credit standards.


Application fields of carbon credits

Carbon Asset Solutions
Carbon Project Developments

APh ePower can assist enterprises to conduct the preparation of the Taiwan EPA and international offset projects(e.g. Verra and Gold Standard), gain insight into the methodology of carbon credit projects, apply for projects, perform carbon credit asset management, etc., and offer real-time market information, supporting all client to always be updated with the latest domestic and international trends.

A pressing matter – Carbon neutrality of businesses

APh ePower offers dynamic services and solutions for carbon reduction, carbon offset, and carbon neutrality. We safeguard the carbon credit quality for the enterprises, prevent international trading risks, and ensure an early deployment in the low-carbon economy, assisting enterprises to advance into sustainable development. APh ePower has numerous professional carbon-related consultants, and we welcome all inquiries via phone calls or emails.

Procedures for domestic/international carbon credit development service

APh ePower can establish the most optimal solution that meets the customers' needs.

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