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HR Coordinator
Southern Taiwan Science Park (Kaohsiung)
  • Highly dedicated to talent training.
  • Plans and execute recruitment, selection and appointment to solve the labor resource need of the company.
  • Design, manage and implement the company's performance management system, and use the results of performance assessment to provide reference for management decisions.
  • Plan the budget for human resource, establish and maintain the company's compensation system and working rules, managing employee welfare systems, retirement plans, and provide personnel management reports.
  • Plan the training and development system of the company, conduct analysis, planning, implementation for development and performance evaluation.
  • Temporary projects/ general office affairs.
  • Working experience: Two years above.
  • Essential qualifications & training: Bachelor’s Degree or Master.
  • Essential skills, knowledge & experience: Senior human resources related experience.
  • Language ability: Basic English communication skills.
  • Skills and competencies: Not specified.
  • Job specific skills: Not specified.
  • Others: HR-cum-administrative work is required.
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