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With International Sustainability Talents Cultivated, APh ePower is Ready for ESG Development Trends

As global enterprises face the pressure of sustainable transformation of businesses, there is still a severe shortage of ESG talents in Taiwan. Energy service supplier APh ePower has been focusing on talent development and has initiated its strategic deployment to master the global trend in advance. Aiming to establish a highly reliable business paradigm and cultivate Taiwanese talents capable of tackling international challenges. At its startup stage, APh ePower has already organized a comprehensive educational training system to implement the engineer culture, which has fostered multiple sustainable development experts proactively taking on the challenge of the global ESG transformations.

Established in 2018, APh ePower consists of an operation team with abundant experiences in global operation management, as we had been actively devoting resources to talents training since our establishment, hiring the Master Black Belt (MBB) with abundant international practical experiences, introducing the six sigma (6σ), and organizing the APh School of Common Sense and Leadership (ACSL) to create the outstanding teams ready for international challenges, allowing APh ePower to be the most reliable service provider for the clients, interest parties, and partners of the industry.

Based on the engineer culture, APh ePower advocates the philosophy of "If it can't solve problems, there are no value for innovation" and emphasizes cultivating the problem-solving abilities of the employees. Through the unique ACSL courses, employees are equipped with critical thinking and leadership abilities, with exclusive career plans tailored for each employee’s job responsibilities, mission, and objectives. The ACSL courses are divided into three stages. In the first stage, the engineer culture is set as the foundation, training the employee’s courage and team-communication skills. The second stage emphasizes the cultivation of leadership, training the employee’s innovative and decision-making mindset. The third stage consists of the establishment of mental models and psychological qualities. Combining the staged courses with practical practices and evaluations, we enrich the core competitiveness of all employees and teams.

In addition, APh ePower applies "knowledge-intensive” and “distinctive" as the company's development strategies. By offering comprehensive internal and external educational resources, several employees have obtained the Green Belt (GB) of Six Sigma, professional certifications in business carbon neutrality, and other recognitions. Sean Su, APh ePower’s Director of Development, pointed out that an extraordinary leading team is essential for seizing the competitive advantages in the international market.

The integrated talent cultivation system enabled APh ePower to cultivate key human resources, venture into the three major fields of energy, develop safe and eco-friendly aluminum battery energy storage, and implement an innovative patent strategy. While engaging in both the green energy and carbon credit market, APh ePower is also transforming into a zero-carbon enterprise. Under the global ESG transition trend, APh ePower is ready to enhance the sustainability strength of enterprises by offering comprehensive services integrated with energy storage, green energy, and carbon credit, giving businesses the power boost they need to achieve sustainability goals.


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