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APh ePower Sets to Build Aluminum Battery Production Base at the Southern Taiwan Science Park

Echoing the Green Energy Technology dimension of the government’s 5+2 Industry Innovation Policy, APh ePower Co., Ltd., a company specializing in critical technology of aluminum battery, is set to establish the 1st generation manufacturing plant at the Southern Taiwan Science Park’s Kaohsiung branch, producing safe, fast-charging and environmentally friendly aluminum battery products, and stand ready to usher in a new development prospect for Taiwan’s energy storage industry.

The management teams of APh ePower are comprised of talents from well-known vendors such as Invista, DuPont and the ITRI. The company has also obtained investment from domestic enterprises like Sangyang Motor, and is Taiwan’s first start-up company in the commercialization of aluminum battery. The battery system manufactured by APh ePower has passed battery penetration tests without combusting; in addition, the fast charging and discharging characteristics of aluminum battery allow for creation of new business models and opportunities of collaboration, such as charging stands for electric vehicles, enabling the creation of a “Fast Charging Living Sphere”, bringing people a safer and more convenient transportation option. Aluminum battery can also add values to manufacturing equipment such as automated guided vehicles (AGV) and stackers, realizing the convenience of smart-manufacturing, and enriching the automated machinery industry with innovative energy storage solution.

Wei Cheng Lin, Director of Southern Taiwan Science Park Bureau, stated that energy storage technology plays a significant role in the development of renewable energy; its research and development is also closely followed by many countries in the world. In August of this year, APh ePower was approved by the MOST’s Science Park Review Board for establishment in the Southern Taiwan Science Park’s Kaohsiung branch, and will invest $NTD 298 million in the construction of the 1st generation plant. Completion of the 1st generation plant is expected in the year 2020. Subsequent product verification and collaboration is expected to create employment opportunities for more than 50 talents at the Science Park. The company is also planning the construction of the 2nd generation plant, which will scale up the production capacity of aluminum battery to capitalize on the potential billions of global energy storage business opportunity.

Sources from: Tssdnews


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