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Suitable applications for aluminum-ion batteries

Energy Storage Systems
Transportation Vehicles
Polar Regions

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Standard Factory Buildings in Southern Taiwan Science Park


First Company to Commercialize Aluminum Batteries

APh ePower’s Achievements
  • 2020 National Innoaward Taiwan

  • 2nd Green Chemistry Application and Innovation Awards

Fast Charging / Discharging


(15mins - 30secs)

Long Life Cycle

1,500 (Single Cell)

Wide Working Temperature





Recyclable Free from Contamination



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    Commercial Times

    Refuse to Become “Battery Waste”, APh ePower Aluminum-ion Battery Won the Innoaward

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    APh ePower

    Cooperating with Sanyang Motor, the World’s First Aluminum-ion Battery Electric Vehicle is Released

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    Economic Daily News

    APh ePower’s Safe and Fast-charging Aluminum-ion Battery Technology is the Only One in the World

About APh ePower

APh ePower is the first company to commercialize aluminum-ion batteries. We invest in materials preparation, production, and research and development and have established world-leading technical capabilities. We have received investment from companies such as scooter manufacturer Sanyang Motor. We are currently located in Luzhu Science Park and have established the world’s first trial production line of aluminum-ion batteries. Meanwhile, planning has already begun on construction of a second-generation plant to achieve greater production goals.

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APh ePower is a place of innovation and vitality. We create values through differentiation, and welcome talents with open-minded mentality and challenging-loving spirits to join our ranks, build a learning team together, and tackle challenges head-on!

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