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Green Energy Challenge
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Green Impact Projects

Effective Solution to Environmental Problems

Achieving SDGs : Green Impact Projects with APh ePower


Nature-Based Solutions

APh ePower possesses multiple forest carbon offset projects that have been reviewed and evaluated by experts. These projects focus on environmental benefits and high-quality project types such as reforestation and forest restoration. They contribute substantial benefits to climate action, creating a win-win situation for the Earth, local communities, and partners.


Technology-Based Solutions

Technology-Based Solutions includes sources such as renewable energy and industrial emissions reduction. Recently, the development of carbon capture and hydrogen energy technologies also falls within this category. The non-forest carbon offset projects owned by APh ePower have undergone expert evaluation for their climate mitigation benefits. They are also recognized and utilized by several large international corporations, ensuring the quality of projects for partners.

Green Power + Energy Storage

Achieving RE100 low carbon and sustainable green value

How to achieve RE100 while being restricted to an intermittent, ready-to-use renewable energy?
Green power plus energy storage system with high safety and eco-friendly is the best energy solution.


The First Commercial Aluminum Battery Developer in the World, Establishing Turnkey Tech Transfer

To create value for our customers, we invest in intensive material knowledge preparation and R&D differentiation, building technical strengths beyond our global competitors. We are based in the Kaohsiung Science Park and are planning to build a 2nd-generation plant in order to reach a mass-production scale.

Suitable Applications for Aluminum-ion Batteries

Energy Storage Systems
Transportation Vehicles
Polar Regions

APh ePOWER’s Achievements

  • 20th Business Startup Award by MOEA

  • Joined the RE10x10 Corporate Renewable Energy Initiative 

  • 17th National Innovation Award

  • 2nd Green Chemistry Application and Innovation Awards by EPD


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Join APh ePower

APh ePower is a place of innovation and vitality. We create values through differentiation, and welcome talents with open-minded mentality and challenging-loving spirits to join our ranks, build a learning team together, and tackle challenges head-on!

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