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Q: What is the difference between bundled and unbundled certificates?

Bundled certificate: the user purchases and uses the green energy, while obtaining a certificate that can prove the environmental benefits contributed by such actions. To meet the terms for energy-heavy industries in Taiwan, bundled certificates are required.


Unbundled certificate: mostly for schools and corporate bodies that voluntarily use the “electricity” from renewable energy, which they then sell the “green” certificates at the National Renewable Energy Certification Center. Currently, the Certification Center allows the trading of this type of certificate, yet has not offered the service for green energy purchases. 

Q: What is the renewable energy certificate?

When the power generation site of renewable energy generates 1,000 kW of green energy, it can obtain one certificate. If the certificate is sold to a user, it cannot be re-sold. To avoid repeated calculations, certificates cannot be used as the greenhouse gas emission reduction quota of the EPA GHG Offset Project. 

Q: What are the benefits of renewable energy certificates (T-REC)? Are they recognized internationally?

The renewable energy certificate can be used as proof of using green energy. It is applicable for greenhouse gas measurement, enterprise social responsibility reports, etc. It has also been certified by RE100, CDP, and other organizations. An enterprise can perform a declaration at the National Renewable Energy Certification Center and present the enterprise’s results in sustainable actions.

Q: What are the risks of purchasing renewable energy?

As renewable energy options are unstable electricity sources with the feature of immediate usage when generated, the actually transferred kilowatt may not be consistent with the kilowatt specified in the signed agreement. This is a normal phenomenon in the purchase of green energy. 

Q: If the power generator company had already sold the electricity to TaiPower by the feed-in tariff, can it be used to apply for the certificate? 

After the power generation company sold the electricity to TaiPower by the feed-in tariff, it can no longer be used to apply for renewable energy certificates. You can only choose one. Currently, the demand for green energy is greater than the supply in the market, so the price of green energy is expected to see continuous growth. APh ePower welcomes all power generation companies to work with us, joining the green energy market together.

APh ePower, the expert in green energy and energy storage, is at your service. 

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