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APh ePower’s Safe and Fast-charging Aluminum-ion Battery Technology is the Only One in the World

APh ePower was founded in 2018, with an operating team from Invista, DuPont, and ITRI. In the same year, it received investment from scooter manufacturing giant Sanyang Motor and became the world’s first startup company to commercialize aluminum-ion batteries. The company actively invests in the technical research and development of aluminum-ion batteries to create safe, fast-charging, and environmentally friendly aluminum-ion battery products. In addition, it establishes a knowledge-intensive business model, masters the key material technology of aluminum-ion batteries, gains a leading international advantage, and brings new business opportunities to Taiwan’s energy storage industry.

Unlike traditional highly polluting lead-acid batteries with safety concerns, aluminum-ion batteries have the advantages of fast charge and discharge rates, absolute safety, environmental friendliness, high weather resistance, long cycle life, and an abundance of mineral resources. They are suitable for industries such as energy storage system, uninterruptible power-supply systems, transportation (such as electric scooters and automatic guided vehicles), and extreme environmental conditions, with a wide range of applications.

Awareness of the need for environmental protection is rising and the global market demand for energy storage is strong, but accidents involving battery hazards are often reported. The South Korean government has ordered comprehensive inspections to be conducted because of frequent accidents with lithium-ion-battery energy-storage systems, which also occurs in the US, Belgium, Japan, and Taiwan.

Fires in energy-storage containers can happen. APh ePower believes that providing users with safety and stability is the basic requirement of the energy-storage industry. After a number of safety tests, it has been confirmed that aluminum-ion batteries will never burn or catch fire and that there is no safety concern.

With the rapid charging and discharging characteristics of aluminum-ion batteries, a number of innovative business models and opportunities for cooperation will be introduced, such as automated industrial applications in the Industry 4.0 wave, electric vehicle charging facilities in cities, or even emergency medical and first-aid equipment in remote areas. It is believed that, in the future, aluminum-ion batteries are bound to bring innovative solutions to industry.

Adhering to the business philosophy of lean entrepreneurship, APh ePower is currently building a first-generation plant in Luzhu Science Park, and will soon begin cooperation with partners in the target markets for verification of the batteries in the areas of application. Meanwhile, planning has commenced on the construction of a second-generation factory construction design, creating a differentiated business model that takes safety and environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility as its core intention and lays out the global aluminum-ion battery industry chain. APh ePower looks forward to cooperating with partners from all fields and using each other’s advantages to create new application value. Beginning in Taiwan, huge business opportunities in the global energy-storage market have opened up.

Sources from: Economic Daily News


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