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APh's Development on Aluminum Batteries and Energy Storage Solutions Help Enterprises Reduce Carbon

With the emergence of the green supply chain, major international manufacturers are joining RE100. In lieu of Taiwan's efforts to promote the Re10x10 green power initiative, together with the terms and conditions of major electricity users, and the launch of the green electricity certificate trading platform, demand for green power is increasing day by day.

APh ePOWER Director of Development, Sean Su said that as renewable energy is an intermittent power supply, the power cannot be supplied stably 24 hours a day. With renewable electricity's “ready-to-use” features and the fact that Taiwan's renewable energy certificate adopts the “bundled certificate” system, it is difficult for companies to achieve their goal of 100% renewable energy. Additionally, energy storage equipment must be built or rented through the energy management system to improve renewable energy usage efficiency. This helps smooth out the supply curve and further reduce the impact on grid integration.

Established in 2018, APh ePOWER became the first company in the world to commercialize aluminum batteries. In 2020, the company moved into a standard plant in Kaohsiung Science Park and built its first aluminum battery trial production line, while also investing in materials and technology R&D. The company's achievements in technology have been immeasurable, giving it greater advantages amongst its peers. With the company's growing strengths, it has introduced the means to manage commercial mass production. By the end of 2021, it is expecting to apply for its own patent, constructing a competitive threshold that will be difficult to surpass.

Director Sean Su said they had incorporated safety and environmental protection concerns into the product design as early as its initial startup stage. Unlike lithium batteries, aluminum batteries do not contain organic solvents in electrolytes, completely eliminating safety concerns over combustion or explosion caused by thermal runaway of the battery. Also, traditional battery casing poses environmental protection problems, the company does not use any conflict minerals in their aluminum batteries, and recycled materials are reused in the manufacturing process to create a circular economic value.

This year, APh ePOWER will obtain a renewable energy sales license. At present, the company is working closely with domestic solar and wind power plants regarding the development of aluminum battery energy storage products for commercial applications. In 2025, the company expects to reach a milestone in mass production. With the ongoing construction of its 2nd generation plant, APh ePOWER will be the only company in the market to provide safe, fast charging and discharging, and environmentally friendly energy solutions. The company's influence and power over the global energy storage industry will be huge.

Batteries are a key component of energy storage equipment; they are also a strategic supplier for the layout of company applications such as electric cars and automation. Energy storage, on the other hand, is the force that drives the development of renewable power. Combining energy storage with green power is APh ePOWER's primary development direction and strategic focus. The company strives to help enterprises truly achieve carbon reduction and RE100 objectives.


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