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Providing Innovative Green Energy Services, APh Receives Business Startup Award

APh ePOWER develops aluminum batteries and specializes in process design. Its research team is constantly trying new materials to create breakthroughs in technology. The company aims to solve the industry's current problems with a safe and eco-friendly-orientated approach. While overseeing the construction of a new plant for mass production, the company is also entering the green electricity and carbon economy markets. By practicing its corporate philosophy of sustainability and trust, the demand for batteries is rising with the rapid growth of the energy storage industry. With much focus on the industry, the company was quickly recognized amongst other 200 startup companies and received the 20th Business Startup Award from the MOEA.

The Business Startup Award is regarded as the highest honor in Taiwan's new venture industry and sets a benchmark for innovation, encouraging other startup enterprises and product technologies. Established in 2018, APh ePOWER boasts talent with experience from organizations such as DuPont, Invista, and the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). These professionals have multinational management and chemical R&D backgrounds. With a goal of expanding its business across the world, the company invests heavily in operations management and process development.

According to Director Sean Su, at APh ePOWER, the focus is on innovative operating models and talent education and training. The 5S management, internal audit and internal control cycle systems, and Six Sigma (6σ) were introduced at the startup phase. An APh ePOWER General Studies and Leadership Academy has also been established, and a learning-oriented organizational system that encourages open communication and teamwork has been created. Its goal is to showcase Taiwan's talent and technical strength to the world.

The aluminum battery technology developed by APh ePOWER has largely surpassed the development achievements of the ITRI and Standford University. For example: the significant energy density increase, formulation and material innovation, advantage, the advantages of fast charging and discharging from 4C to 100C (30 seconds to 15 minutes to complete charging or discharging) and high weather resistance (they work in an environment of -40℃ to 80℃). These aluminum batteries do not contain organic solvent or conflict minerals. By developing aluminum batteries with recyclable materials, the company has created a differentiation advantage. This year, 10 patents will be applied for, and in recognizing its efforts on aluminum battery safety and environmental protection value, the company has recently been awarded the Green Chemistry Application and Innovation Awards from the EPD.

As the carbon economy has become a trend around the world, in response to low-carbon and sustainability, many banks in Taiwan will blacklist companies with high carbon emissions for future financing, which may affect their operational competitiveness and ESG ratings. As APh ePOWER has officially participated in the Re10x10 initiative, it began its first green power use to achieve the RE100 objective by 2050. Meanwhile, the company has also entered into contracts with many major power generators to help enterprises develop green power trading and carbon economy service models alongside APh ePOWER's power storage technology, eliminating the risks of battery combustion and exploration.

Director Sean Su believes that achieving RE100 should be gradual and phased, starting from offices and expanding to a single plant. The final phase should be a company's global operating points, achieving the goal of green electricity and carbon reduction, creating a win-win situation.


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