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APh ePOWER Creates a Circular Economy for Aluminum Batteries

By building their own recycling process, APh ePOWER aims to differentiate themselves from other competitors with their innovative products and business model.

While batteries make our day-to-day lives easier, electronic products, electric vehicles, and uninterruptible power supply systems also serve as an important component in future energy transition and energy storage applications. Despite the advantages, where do the large number of retired batteries go? How will non-recyclable batteries impact the earth?

The revolution in battery technology comes from the innovation of key materials. Subsequent recycling feasibility and business models are affected by mineral sources and material formulae of upstream vendors to battery structure design. In 2015, an article involving aluminum battery technology development was published in Nature. Its capture of R&D100 and Edison Awards drew much attention from global academic and industrial communities. These new green batteries not only possess characteristics such as fast charging and discharging, weather resistance, increased safety and long life, they are also recyclable and can be reused.

As the world’s first company to commercialize aluminum batteries, APh ePOWER has, since its establishment, treated environmental issues with high importance. Founder, Chairman Joe Chen said, “I established this company because I wanted to build a product value chain that poses minimum impact on the environment. By striving for development that is friendly to the environment, we can solve the application dilemma of the current battery industry.” During the commercialization process, the APh ePOWER R&D team continuously improved materials and formula design while insisting on the non-use of conflict minerals, substances of very high concern, and volatile organic substances stipulated in international environmental protection laws the mission of their corporate development.

When the company was first established, the recycling process was already included in the overall planning - recycled materials from retired aluminum batteries are reused in the manufacturing process, realizing a circular economy value. Meanwhile, water and electricity consumption is also key to energy consumption. Thanks to breakthroughs in technology during R&D, aluminum batteries are continuously being optimized. This has helped the company build a manufacturing process that consumes little energy and improves the efficiency of energy conservation and carbon reduction.

According to Chairman Joe Chen: “For a startup to create its value, it must really solve the problems facing the industry and the environment.” In the future, APh ePOWER will create its own recycling process and effectively control resource input and waste output. Through the aluminum battery record system, the whole life cycle of batteries can be effectively mastered. Moreover, the company will continue to work closely with downstream application manufacturers for battery repair and replacement services. The company's ultimate goal is to put each battery to good use so that retired batteries will not be wasted.

This year's World Earth Day centers on the idea of “Repairing Our Planet”. APh ePOWER will bring the energy storage market revolutionary and innovative products and a business model that will give them multiple advantages and differentiate them from their competitors. The company hopes to change consumers’ perceptions of the battery manufacturing industry by doing this. In the meantime, the company aims to create a long-term and valuable contribution to people’s everyday lives by providing them with aluminum batteries that are more friendly to the environment.


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